Make your wish come true. Step three.

Hi! You alright?

How was the terrible fears’ task? Have you managed to do it? Thanks for all of you who shared your experience with me. I am always here to help and explain whether you have any doubts about doing this work or just hesitate if you are w something in a wrong way.

Ok, if the worst you can enhance your wish with is fear, then the best thing is a state, your emotional state. When we talked about winners the process of visualisation was mentioned. This process is your emotional state at the moment of achieving your goal or feeling that your wish is coming true. In order to make sure that your wish has been interpreted by the universe in the right way and it is going to come true just the way, you’ve meant it to, you should visualise it. Just imagine the moment and situation when your dream is coming true, fill all your emotions that moment and try to catch the state and keep it.

John Kehoe suggests two rules for successful visualisation. The first one is to think of your goals/wishes such as it is happening to you right now. Make your conscious believe that this is your reality. Just create the desired role and play it. Easy as pie. The second one is to make it a daily routine such as brushing your teeth or having a cup of coffee in the morning. That means that you have to work with your conscious on daily basis. To be honest, it is too much for me and I personally do not think that it is that necessary. From my perspective, one time a week for your dreams/wishes/goals is enough. What is really important is to be consistent. Practice makes perfect. At the same time, John Kehoe may seem a daydreamer, however, all his knowledge is underpinned with facts and years of experiments and observation.

In his book “Mind Power into 21st century“, John Kehoe gives the example of visualisation power. There was an experiment conducted by Alan Richardson with university basketball players. The team was divided into three groups (A, B, C) and tested. Then the group A had to come to the gym every day and work on their shots. Another group did not work on the skills at all. Finally, group C had special workouts. They worked with their consciousness and visualised the workout process, the moment of hitting the target. In one month all the groups were tested one more time. This time group A (those who worked out every day) has shown 24% better results, there was no improvement in the second group. Surprisingly, group C has improved the results the same way as group A.

So, this experiment is one of the evidence that visualisation is a powerful tool for achieving desirable but at the same time, there is nothing supernatural. It is based on our inner energy and mechanisms. Your inner resources are inexhaustible, you just should understand how to use them.

And now let’s move to the third step of our journey. You have already made a great job while cleaning up space, formulating your wishes and talking about your fears. Take your list of wishes and have a look at them. We are going to put the date next to each of them. Do not try to make it reasonable or explain, do not choose the real date you can probably achieve something, just listen to the inner you and write down the date which comes up from your unconsciousness. You can believe me or not but wishes tend to come true that specific day, month and year you’ve put in your wish list.

After the date is written you may start working with visualisation. Without any doubts, this is a hard job. You have to make your consciousness to believe that everything you wish is real and you have it. Spend 20 minutes to visualise your wish and memorise the emotions with which you are achieving the desired. It can be anything. As an example, I can give you visualisation for the wish from the previous article

Wish: “I am grateful for my boyfriend (full name) and I have a vacation in Italy during new year break”.

Visualisation: “I am at the airport with my flight ticket in hand, I am looking at the departures and at the same time my phone is ringing – that is my boyfriend, he tells that in a day we are finally together. There are people around but I do not notice them”

State: “I feel excited and grateful, the feeling of euphoria, it is overwhelmed and the constant smile is on my face”

Something like that. There are two significant things at this stage of our journey. The first one is your visualisation of how your wish is coming true (the moment of realisation that it has come true) and the second one is your emotional state at that very moment.

Well, the task for you is to write the date of your wish coming true. Stay along and look at this date, plunge into this date and try to see how exactly your wish is coming true, when is your realisation moment, catch your feelings at that moment. Try to fix the state of happiness and pleasure of understanding that it’s your reality at least for some seconds. Feel yourself from inside. The more you are able to remain this state the better.

You can send me your visualisations to be checked over but your state and emotions you keep for yourself. Make sure that you have put details into your “picture”, described and detailed on “how exactly”.

In the ideal world, your wish will come true the same date you’ve put them down on your wish list. There is one issue here, you have to leave the date and do not wait with the calendar when it will happen. You have to do this and leave the date otherwise you will be the main trouble on the way.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I am happy to explain or just look at how good you are on your way, feel free to share. See you soon!




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