Make your wish come true. Step two. “These are nothing more than just my fears”

Hello – hello!

Hope you are doing well after the winter festivities. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

How is your list of wishes doing? Have you decided on what would you like 2019 to bring you? Have you had any troubles in designing your wishes?

Now I am here and ready to help if you’ve been confused with that. By the way, do you remember the rules of correct wish-creation? If not let’s repeat them. Check your list out and double check if everything has been built according to the rules.

  • Write down your wishes
  • Be concrete and as specific as you can
  • Make the wish in a positive way without any “not” or “no”
  • Do not wish any harm to others (even if your wish does not cause direct harm, think carefully of indirect consequences)
  • Make a wish from yourself (you do not have a right to decide for others and the universe is aware of it, so the wish will never come true if it is not yours and have been made not from you)
  • Believe that your wish comes true (the formulation should be the result but not the process)


In case you’d like to have more details or just bumped into this article, follow the link to learn more from the previous one.


Today we are going to start working on our lists (don’t forget to send me your wishes if you’d like them to be properly checked and corrected; don’t be shy, everything you are sending to me remains confidential and will not go any further).

What do you think should our next step be? Any guesses? Ok, we will actually talk about your fears and limits. And I know that this part is quite problematic and unpleasant, however, that is the thing which is between you and your wishes. All the barriers you have in your mind influence your wishes. You can tell that I’m mistaken but I’m not.

Let’s move to an example. Imagine, you want to travel a lot and spend every weekend in a country you’ve never visited before. On the one hand, that’s a great wish, on the other hand, you may have a fear of heights (acrophobia) or flights itself. So, your wish is not going to come true in the nearest future as you are limiting it. You have to free the way for your wish and not erect barriers. The more you work with your conscious the easier and faster your wishes will find the way to come true. Your reality will change dramatically and you’ll receive everything you want without long periods of hard work and talks.

There are no doubts everyone likes the idea of it, nevertheless, don’t be naive or silly and don’t think you can just be a couch potato when the universe works for you. Of course, you should put all your energy in your wish and make just little steps on the way. I probably make you upset but the whole idea of the universe working for you is that it finds the shortest way for your wish to come true but not makes everything instead of you. Alright. That was a long exploration of the basics. Let’s talk about the task you should complete for the next step. It is going to be an enormous one this time. Make sure you are ready to write/type a lot. Try to think about your fears and write down at least 3 items for each of your wishes. I can give you an example:

Wish: “I am grateful for my boyfriend (full name) and I have a vacation in Italy during new year break”.


1. We will be too busy to go on vacation;

2. There will not be enough money;

3. Will have something more important or just change the mind and not want to go anymore.

So, that’s what you have to do with your wish list. You may have a problem to find fear, even if you do not have fears try to create them. For instance, you wish to have a Bentley. Feel that you have it in your garage. One of the fears can be about money for fuel or that the car will be stolen or anything. Write your fears and do not forget that even when you are artificially creating your fears, in fact, you only dig deeper inside of yourself and those are your fears. The more you’ll find the better it is for your wishes.

You also can send these fears to me in order them to be checked or you can just write/type them and add one more line after all. “These are just my fears”. This phrase works like an eraser. All your fears destroyed after that. Try to listen to the inner you. For example, if you feel that you want to burn your fears after writing them – do this. I mean when you have written down your fears on the piece of paper and read them aloud, you can burn them and leave. That is one of the psychological approaches to burn to leave. That is not required but some people feel much better after this ritual. Follow your emotions and the inner you. It is always right.

This step is challenging and requires lots of energy from you but trust me, you will feel much better when you understand that all your fears are just fears and nothing more. They do not have anything in common with your reality which you can create. Do not prevent yourself from being happy and successful just because of your silly fears, all of them are your consciousness and you can work on it.

One more thing, you probably have noticed that we now do not put any dates. Do not think I forgot about them, just remember that we are in progress and make everything step-by-step.

See you next time! Hope the task will be doable for you as the next one will bring you joy especially after you’ve fought your fears.



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