6 ways to mould your best team together

Following on from tips on Facebook advertising let me tell you more about Moulding your Team.

Every employer knows how important it is to ensure that team members are working well together. It improves the atmosphere in your office and increases productivity.

There is a saying: “Happy wife, happy life” – and despite it being grossly inappropriate to quote it here – the same applies to your staff. If your staff members are happy coming to work and feel comfortable carrying out their duties – they will be inclined to innovate and show initiative.

Peer-to-peer influence will apply and by seeing others perform, ones will be encouraged to stand out too. But only if they will feel part of the team and be involved in the process.

What am I talking about?

1: Strict but Fair Leader

Ensure that you treat all your employees in the same way. Regardless whether it is your cleaner or Director of Finance. Every single person in this world has got its purpose and capable of anything. (that’s my personal belief). Your today cleaner might become your tomorrow co-partner in business. Become the leader for them. Set clear goals and ensure you keep an eye on performance but don’t slag one over the other. There is time for pleasure and there is time for business. Ensuring you keep these boundaries clearly visible will win you a leadership position and employees will be inclined to trust your judgment and will refrain from questioning your authority.

2: Assessment and Encouragement

The success of your business will rely on your productivity and delivery. Whether you are a factory or an accountant, the product or service you produce/deliver will win you a market foothold and bring in more customers/clients.

But you won’t be able to do it on your own. You will need to plan on a scale – that’s where your team comes in. Your job is to ensure that you set fair and achievable targets and carry out the regular assessment on both individual and team level.

Be careful not to praise the same member of staff over and over again, month on month, as you are risking putting someone else off task as they might assume they are underperforming. Ensure you treat all your employees fairly and encourage co-working and counselling to those employees who miss slightly on their target. Sometimes all people need is a little push, a tiny nudge. Learn to find the best in people.

3: Different means GOOD.

Always ensure that you celebrate the difference within your team. Don’t make some people feel unwelcome or uncomfortable just because they are different.

My all-time approach to social integration was – an acceptance of others in the shape and form they are, for as long as they are doing their best and intending no ill.

The one can never know what the other might be going through, and having that depth of understanding and experience in your team creates a unique set up of service and delivery within your business. Having someone joining your team, who had to live through hardship might generate a whole new cost-savings approach to the service you have been delivering for years, just because this person learned to live on a budget and he/she might help you find savings where you least anticipate them. It is all about fresh perspectives.

4: Talk to people

Despite it being common sense, you will be amazed how few employers actually talk to their team. The success of communication is proved throughout centuries of mankind. Where one talks and the other listens. Where one needs to speak out. Where one needs to be listened to.

Small things like having a chat might matter to your employees more than an end-of-month payslip. By communicating with your staff, with your staff, collectively and individually you will not only build up trust and affection you will also ensure a greater understanding of their needs and expectations for yourselves.

Don’t be a boss who others are fearful to speak to. Don’t be their all-time-friend either. Find yourself a balance where your staff will respect you for being a good human.

I always treat my staff as members of my family. And I don’t always treat my family members with kiss and cuddles.

5: Delegate and Co-work

Empower your staff. Don’t worry it won’t take your position of authority away. They will love you more and show their loyalty if you will delegate them with tasks which they can do collectively. Encourage innovative thinking where brainstorming takes place as part of a natural cycle and not managerial technique.

Give your staff an opportunity to feel important and needed. If your employees will feel personal about the business, such as they will know that they have contributed to something or are personally responsible for a new product or service, they will perform better.

Also, encourage joint-working on the task. Don’t create one-man armies where your staff will aim to outperform each other and your office will become a battlefield of segmented casts.

Involve the lot and procure a professional friendship.

6: Praise and Incentivise

Your staff will have their own strengths and weaknesses. Spotting them at the right time and addressing them in the right manner ensure that you get the best out of them. You might want to organize a stand-up presentation sessions where your employees will be encouraged to share their thoughts about the business and their working environment.

Avoid allowing some to inject poisonous juices into the team and crack the team in half. Some people are more opinionated than others and undoubtedly you are intending to avoid anyone seeding panic or hatred within the team against individuals or groups of your staff.

Praise people individually and praise them publicly. Don’t focus on the same people, ensure you highlight the best side in each, find the right balance. (just don’t make it a show).

Incentivize your staff to work in small groups and create small internal competitions where your employees will be encouraged to outperform. Don’t seed rivalry but spur competitiveness and maybe hand-pick and mix and match people into different teams to avoid congregation of your best talent on the same team and your under-performers on the other. That way you will help them share experience and learn at the subconscious level.

I hope these simple tips are helpful and easy to follow. If you have not yet done any or some of those mentioned above – please do. It will make a World a better place to co-exist. It will make YOUR company a more favourable place to work in.

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