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I am horribly sorry for disappearing. I had some troubles with the internet connection when moved to another place but I’ve managed to fix everything and now I’m going to work following the regular schedule.

So, if we want something, we just try to find the way to do that. Do you agree with that? How are your goals? Do you have any for this month/year? Do you do anything to achieve them? Hope, you do. However, if you are the same as many people, then you are still waiting for that magic push to start moving onward.

Do not blame yourself! It is not easy to follow your own plan and it just seems quite simple to.

Let’s talk about MOTIVATION today.

What is motivation and what are the types of motivation? How to shape and keep it? What are the common mistakes and delusions? All these things you will learn from this article.

From my point of view, one of the most adequate definition is from the Business dictionary. Motivation is internal and external factors that stimulate desire and energy in people to be continually interested and committed to a job, role or subject, or to make an effort to attain a goal.

Types of motivation

It is necessary to understand what are the types of motivation and what is the main difference between them. Even this information might help you to start moving and change your attitude.

Intrinsic or internal motivation

It is pretty obvious, this type of motivation refers to the processes inside of you, your own thoughts and intentions. This type of motivation is based on your values, dreams, and wishes. It is usually connected with self-realisation and personal development.

Let’s look at an example:

Somebody bought you a ticket to the concert and make you go there – that is not intrinsic motivation because there is no your wish to go there just an obligation,


when you do want to go to the concert because it is your favourite band – that is intrinsic motivation, and the fact, somebody bought you a ticket is just a sweet top up. And in case if you do not have this ticket from somebody, you will try to find another way to go to the concert.

Extrinsic or external motivation

This type of motivation is opposite to the first one. Here it is talked about various factors from “outside” – the things which motivate us to do something. There are many examples of them such as money (in different variations: salary, monthly/year-end bonus, etc.), praise from your boss/friend/parent, public acceptance, etc. In other words, these are rewards you are expecting to receive when finishing with a task. However, there is a huge BUT here.

What is the problem here? The answer is that this motivation is fake. In fact, any reward works but not on a long-term basis. It is perfect to use for the uncomplicated quick tasks where you do something and receive your reward directly after this simple task is completed. In case, when you have to do or have to motivate somebody to do the complex one and especially on the long-term basis, the reward might be a risky way of motivation. I can explain why. When it is extrinsic motivation, everything you are doing is not from you, your dreams and aims. The reason you are doing this is just for the reward, be it money or praise. You know exactly, that you do not have a great wish to do the task, nevertheless, you are doing it because of realisation that it is not going to continue for a long time and then you’ll be rewarded soon. Hence you are changing your internal motivation (satisfaction from the outcome) to the external one (money).

The conclusion is that these rewards motivate you to receive more rewards. That leads to loss of motivation if there is no reward or the reward got boring for you.

Of course, there are some different classification and we also can talk about positive and negative motivation, for instance. I just want to give you the general understanding of the important things from my personal opinion. But if you want to know more about other aspects, please let me know.

How to stay motivated?

That is the question. James Clear gives a good advice: to schedule your motivation. If you do not have the scheduled activity, you can lose your motivation before starting. People quite often do not start to do the thing they want to just because they do not know when they will be able to do it next time. As an example, I can tell you about the workouts. You can be motivated to start going to the gym, you even can buy a membership; however, if do not have the definite day of the week and time to go, you can postpone your visit because of the rain, mood, being busy, etc. As a result, you will lose your motivation at all without beginning the training. At the same time, if you go to the gym for the first time and then schedule your visits, you have a higher possibility to come back. You will know what pleasure you have from the workout and no matter what you’ll continue coming back every time on the day following your diary. Quite soon it will turn into a habit. So, using your motivation at the very beginning and help yourself with making some efforts, you do not just build your motivation but keep it and make it strong.

That means that you do not necessarily need to be actually highly motivated to do something you can build your motivation. But do not forget that any motivation works much better if it goes from your dreams and wishes. Just ask yourself what you need and what are the reasons you want something. The new motives can be hidden in your initial goals.


Hope, I gave you some understanding of motivation as I’ve just touched the top of the iceberg. See you next time!


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